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About the course:

The modern times bring us to world, where everyone is constantly getting exposed to more and more information. Therefore, in this world of the informed, holding a meaningful conversation without losing attention has become a great challenge. Against this backdrop of technology and media driven information propagation, the role of teachers has become even more important. Not only they are expected to be master of what they teach, but they also must be able to teach the subject in the most fun and engaging manner to groups of students who possess varied degree of capacity to be engaged- as engaging as multimedia and internet. Furthermore, the duty of teachers doesn’t cease to exist within the four walls of the classroom. Outside of the classroom, they are expected to mentor the students must find out energy and opportunity to interact with several other stakeholders like; parents, peers, principal, management et al on day-to-day basis.  It is in this context, communication skill is becoming an increasingly important skill for a teacher of any subject to be effective and impactful both inside and outside the class. 

COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR EFFECTIVE TEACHING is an activity-based training program, where we assist the teachers, both new and experienced, to understand the applied concepts and pragmatic approaches and techniques while connecting with and communicating to different students and stakeholders to be an impactful communicator. A teacher has be a role model for his/her students. And, the students silently inculcate.

What you will learn:

  • A sound understanding of the know-hows of Verbal and Nonverbal communication that will build their confidence.

  • All practical aspects of Behavioral and Attitudinal communication to be sed in the day-to-day life.

  • Techniques, Tips and Tricks to handle difficult to handle students and instill discipline among the students through effective verbal and nonverbal communication.

  • Application of communication principles on handling teaching devices in the class

  • Managing self with emotional intelligence in difficult situations

  • Analysis of communication strengths and weaknesses as a subject teacher or ECC teacher

  • Nonverbal communication strategies for managing large classes

  • Techniques to build fluency in English Speaking

Course Level



Felxible 1-2 workshop as required


Active participation, Personality Assessments


School Teachers - existing or aspiring


A curious  mind and inquisitiveness to learn


Certificate of completion of the course

For further details, fees and schedule, write to us at:

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