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Lyceum is an organization that focuses on using innovative research methodologies in the fields of education and applies the findings in the wholesome development of the learners by refining their thinking skills.
The Lyceum team consists of some highly motivated like-minded individuals who had been educated in premier Universities in India, have worked in multiple MNCs travelling across the world. For the past few years, they have been researching in the field of education, interacting with students and educators across India and from other countries, as well.

The Lyceum team is guided by advisors from some of the top universities in India and around the world.


Enabling every learner to achieve persistent success, beyond immediate milestones, by strengthening the learning foundations.


Lyceum RED Model


Individuals' inability to bridge the gaps between learnings during their academics and the needs of their professional careers and personal lives, leave them often confused and disinterested.

The Lyceum RED Model enables the learners to do their own research in education, connecting the dots between their learnings and the implications of those in their own lives, apply the findings in self-development and refine their own understanding.

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