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In order to be successful in our careers and life, we need to have a wholesome understanding of the world. We need to know about our past, stay updated about the important events happening around us right now and recognize what is ahead of us in the future. 

It is not enough to just read only the textbooks prescribed in our syllabus. We have to know more about science, history, politics, economics, geography, literature, philosophy, et al. from multiple sources. We need to read books/newspapers/magazines, watch good videos, listen to podcasts, read important articles over the internet, etc. But, in this world, there are thousands of books, millions of videos on YouTube, and gazillion articles over the internet. 


What should we watch? 
What should we read? 
What should we listen to? 

It is important to make the right selection. Else, very likely, we will get lost in this maze of information.At Lyceum, we can guide you to make the right selection. Every day, we post 1-2 news articles, essays, 1-2 videos that would help you to learn more about our world- past, present, and future. 

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