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About the course:

Even if we might not be aware, every decision that we take in our everyday lives is based on principles of Economics. Whether to watch a movie or read a book, study Medicine or English for our graduation course, - there is economics behind every choice we make. There is 'economics' behind every choice that our parents, organizations, the Government make. Hence, knowledge of Economics helps us understand the rationale behind and consequences of those choices and enables us to make informed decisions ourselves. 


Many people think 'economics' is about only money, budget, GDP, market, production, distribution, government policies, etc.  Complex terminologies, abstract concepts, confusing tables and charts, and unrelatable examples make the course of Economics either hard or boring.


In this course you will learn the principles of economics that affect our everyday lives, help you critically evaluate all that is happening around you, avoiding any complex definition and academic jargon. This course will also help you take a hold of your personal finance, make you better informed about how to handle money from an early age. 

What you will learn:

  • Why is studying Economics important?

  • Principles of Economics that impact our day to day lives

  • What are individual, organization, and Governments role in shaping the economy of our country

  • Evolution of Indian economy

  • How to understand Economics related news

  • Personal finance and how to manage money

  • Higher studies and career prospects in Economics

Course Level



10-12 hours of Online/Offline sessions and discussions


Active participation,  Quizzes


Student of Class  9-10


A curious  mind and inquisitiveness to learn


Certificate of completion of the course

For further details, fees and schedule, write to us at:

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