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About "Lyceum"

The Lyceum was a temple in ancient Greece, dedicated to the Greek god Apollo (Lyceus), the god of knowledge and arts.

It was the place where Aristotle, established his school of philosophy and taught many subjects including physics, biology, metaphysics, logic, ethics, aesthetics, poetry, theatre, music, psychology, linguistics, economics, and politics.

Aristotle's Lyceum was a unique school, whose primary focus was cooperative research. It was a school that was student run, where students learnt various subjects in arts and science through research projects.

"Lyceum Research and Education" is inspired from Aristotle's school and draws heavily from the polymath's principles. Lyceum's primary aim is to enables learners to do their own research in their own subjects of education, connecting the dots between their learnings and the applications of those in their own lives, apply the findings in self-development and refine their own understanding.

At Lyceum, we not only prepare our students to focus on the skills that help them to be successful in their professional career, but also enable them to be life-long learners to become critical thinkers and develop wholesome personality to be ready for any situation in life.

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