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About the course:

Social Science subjects help us develop critical thinking and analysis capabilities:

by looking at historical events from varied perspectives,

by evaluating political and economic decisions that have shaped our world,

by understanding how geography influences our life choices.


No matter what profession we choose, our knowledge of social science subjects is essential for us to understand the world around and thus, enabling us to excel in our professional careers. However, social science subjects are often neglected during our school education. Reason - the curriculum and evaluation process focuses more on memorizing lots of trivia and facts without contextual information than understanding. As a result, students find the subjects boring and only study for scoring marks in examinations. 

The objective of the course is to create curiosity to explore 'Why and how our world is the way it is', instead of the rigour of memorizing 'what happened when and who did what'.

What you will learn:

  • Why should we study Social Science? 

  • Different branches of Social Science

  • What do Social Scientists do?

  • Why should we study History, Geography, Political Science and Economics

  • How should we study Social Science subjects prescribed in our syllabus

  • Higher studies and career prospects in Social Science

Course Level



10-12 hours of Online/Offline sessions and discussions


Active participation , Group project(optional)


Student of Class  8-10


An open mind and willingness to learn


Certificate of completion of the course

For further details, fees and schedule, write to us at:

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