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About the course:

Economists study the world and explain why things happen the way they happen.

Economists predict the future and propose how our world should be.

Economists decide policies and rules that affect us in our day-to-day lives.


In order to understand our world better, we need to think like an economist. We need to understand their language and see the world the way they see it. We need to evaluate and analyze things happening around us with a critical mind.


In this course, we ask and debate questions like

  • Why are some countries rich and some poor?

  • How do we bridge the gap between the rich and the poor in our society?

  • How are prices of things determined?

  • Why are we paying taxes?

  • How has changing human behaviour impacted our world?


This course is going to help you to develop critical thinking abilities to evaluate the major events happening in our world. Also, you will learn about personal finance and investment options that would help you to manage your money better. 

What you will learn:

  • What is Economics?

  • Principles and studies of Economics

  • How individuals and organizations influence each other

  • What are Government's and Central bank's roles in shaping a country's economy

  • How local and international policies impact a country's economy

  • Indian Economic evolution pre and post-Independence

  • How has human behaviour changed over time

  • What do economists do?

  • Personal Finance and Careers in Economics Study

Course Level



30-32 hours of Online/Offline sessions and discussions


Active participation,  Quizzes, Projects, Essays


Student of Class  9-12



Certificate of completion of the course

For further details, fees and schedule, write to us at:

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